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Anna Villarica

Anna Villarica

Anna Villarica is a recent graduate of the MA Media Studies: Digital Cultures programme at Maastricht University. She is a junior lecturer at the Literature and Art department who teaches courses on digital transformations, the philosophy of technology, design thinking, critical making, research skills and museology. She is also a research assistant working on the upcoming #dariahTeach course on Social Justice in the Digital Humanities.

Originally from the Philippines, Anna came to the Netherlands under the UM Holland-High Potential Scholarship. Prior to that she had been awarded the ASEAN scholarship to study in Singapore. She holds a BA from the National University of Singapore, major in Communications and New Media. In the six years between her BA and MA, she worked in compliance and education, including a two-year stint in Kyoto as a participant of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme. While she does not specialize in anything yet, she loves all things digital and is always learning and creating.

CV updated on 2023-10-29.

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