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Axel Jean-Caurant

Axel Jean-Caurant

Dr Axel Jean-Caurant is a research engineer at the L3i laboratory of the University of La Rochelle. He obtained his Ph.D. in computer science in 2018 and his thesis was on the accessibility of documents inside digital libraries. The focus of his work was put on two distinct aspects. The first is to understand how researchers are using these online platforms and how to train them to understand the changes data has undergone during the digitisation processes. The second is the study of the impact of the quality of documents on accessibility. Axel is now working full time on the NewsEye project (NewsEye: NewsEye) and is in charge of developing a demonstrator which will hold the data the project researchers are interested in, along with the different tools developed during the project.

CV updated on 2021-10-11.

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