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Caroline Maximoff

Caroline Maximoff

Caroline Maximoff is an administrative and communication/dissemination expert working internationally, based in Vienna, Austria. Born on 30 September 1980 in Germany to Austrian and Russian-Italian descended parents, the family moved back to Austria early on, where Caroline finished primary school and secondary humanistic education (modern language branch) in 1998. After three years of studying architecture at the Technical University of Graz/AT, she moved to Vienna to continue to study History of Art at the University of Vienna/AT.

From September 2005 to August 2006, Caroline attended an ERASMUS year-abroad at the University College Dublin/IE, enrolling in history, art, and archaeology classes.

In 2008, Caroline began working for the recently founded archival association ICARUS – International Centre for Archival Research (International Centre for Archival Research: ICARUS) taking over various tasks from general administration, community management, communication and dissemination to more specific project and financial management of several EU-funded projects.

In May 2011, she took over the administration and project management position for the project ENArC (ENArC | European Network on Archival CooperationENArC | European Network on Archival Cooperation) in the St. Pölten Episcopal Archives and supporting the application of the project MEN & BOOKS until her maternity leave in December 2012 (until October 2014). Carrying on the administrative, financial and project management duties for the project co:op (co:op – the creative archives' and users' network) until her second maternity leave starting in April 2015, Caroline left the St. Pölten archives and started working again for ICARUS in September 2016.

Since March 2020, Caroline is part of the core staff of the Time Machine Organisation (Time Machine Organisation) being in charge of the financial administration and community management. In May 2020, she took over the additional role of Chief Communication Officer during the maternity leave of Ms Kerstin Muff.

CV updated on 2021-10-11.

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