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Diana Grgurić

Diana Grgurić

Diana Grgurić is a Professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka, and boasts extensive academic and research experience. She graduated in 1985 from the Music Academy in Zagreb, earning the titles of musicologist and music journalist. In 2007 she completed her doctoral studies with a thesis on musical discourse in Croatian literature. Her teaching activities encompass various courses related to music and media. Additionally, she is a member of the Laboratory for the Study of Cultural Complexity, which conducts interdisciplinary research on cultural phenomena (https://cultstud.ffri.hr/?p=541). Her recent research is focused on exploring music from cross-theoretical perspectives. In this context, she is editing a special issue of the Journal of Sonic Studies dedicated to acoustic culture in the Balkans. This special issue compiles works by scholars and artists who investigate sound practices and the socio-political organization of music in the region. As part of the University of Rijeka’s EmoCnet project (https://emocnet.uniri.hr/), she is researching traditional music within the context of contemporary technologies. She is also a co-author of the digital platform “Zaspal Pave,” which aims to preserve and promote Croatian musical heritage, particularly folk songs, through modern technologies.

CV updated on 2023-10-23.

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