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Dimitra Grigoriou

Dimitra Grigoriou

Dimitra Grigoriou is currently a researcher at the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities, working on the digital edition of the correspondence of the Anglo-Saxon poet W. H. Auden and the Austrian writer Stella Musulin. Her academic journey encompasses the attainment of two master’s degrees: the first in English Language and Linguistics from the University of Vienna (2018), followed by the second in Digital Methods for the Humanities from the Athens Economic University of Business (2023). Her active involvement and significant contributions to diverse conferences centred around topics such as text annotation and strategies for managing uncertain data are noteworthy. Her scholarly pursuits primarily encompass digital humanities, data relationships, data modelling, natural language processing, and machine learning. With proficiency in seven languages, she ardently embraces the synergy between language and technology.


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