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Drahomira Cupar

Drahomira Cupar

Drahomira Cupar, Ph.D., is an assistant professor at the University of Zadar, Department of Information Sciences, Croatia. She obtained her Ph.D. in Information Sciences in 2013. She is currently working at the Department of Information Sciences at the University of Zadar and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in scholarly communication and academic writing, classification and subject indexing, and sociology of reading. She served as the President of the Croatian Reading Association (CroRA) (Hrvatsko čitateljsko društvo) (2012-2014). She is a member of the following professional organizations: Croatian Library Association (CLA) (Croatian Library Association) (president of the Committee for classification and subject indexing), CroRA, ISKO (International Society for Knowledge Organization) (International Society for Knowledge Organization: ISKO), IFLA (Information Coordinator for Subject Analysis and Access Section) (https://www.ifla.org/). She was involved in the organization of several conferences and events organized by the Department (LIDA, PubMet, BOBCATSSS and summer schools) and is a co-director for the biennial international conference Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA). She is a recipient of the CLA award Eva Verona which is presented to the best young LIS professionals (2012). She participates in the European project OPERAS-P (OPERAS-P) and TRIPLE (Triple – Transforming Research through Innovative Practices for Linked Interdisciplinary Exploration). She is a coordinator of the DARIAH-HR project Tezaurus.hr.

CV updated on 2023-10-16.

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