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Elena González-Blanco

Elena González-Blanco

Elena González Blanco is the Research Director of “LyrAIcs”, an AI and TL project at the Center for the Governance of Change at IE University and a professor of Artificial Intelligence applied to business at the IE University School of Technology. Likewise, she is the Global Head of Digital for Wealth Management and Insurance of Santander and was General Manager of Europe at the insurtech startup Coverwallet. She is an expert in Digital Transformation and Innovation, a specialist in the field of linguistic technology and has been responsible for Product Development in Artificial Intelligence at Minsait-Indra. She is also an internationally renowned researcher, and led POSTDATA, the ERC excellence European research project on linguistic technology and the semantic web.

She was the director and founder of the first Laboratory for Innovation in Digital Humanities in Spain: www.linhd.uned.es, and is also a member of numerous international committees (member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the largest European research infrastructure for linguistic technology CLARIN and advisor of the Venture Capital Related).

She is a doctor and has been a teacher and researcher at Harvard University, King's College, UNAM and Bonn. She was ranked number #1 in 2018 and #3 in 2019 in the Choiseul Ranking "Economic Leaders of the Future of Spain" (www.choiseul.es). She has been selected as one of the Top 100 women in Spain in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions of the www.lastop100.es contest and awarded the Julián Marías 2017 research award in the under-40 category.

CV updated on 2021-10-11.

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