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Goran Zlodi

Goran Zlodi

Goran Zlodi holds a PhD in Information Sciences/Museology and works as an Associate Professor at the Chair of Museology and Heritage Management, Department of Information and Communication Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia. He’s an active member of ICOM/CIDOC and contributes as a researcher to the InterPARES Trust AI project (2021-2026). He is involved in the “Discovering Old Dubrovnik Cathedrals” project to create interactive digital humanities research tools. Furthermore, he is part of the Technical working group responsible for developing ontology for the Cataloguing code, focusing on the rules for describing and accessing resources in libraries, archives, and museums (2021-present). His primary areas of research expertise include metadata interoperability, documentation methodologies, controlled vocabularies, virtual museums, and citizen science.

CV updated on 2023-10-16.

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