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Ivan Marić

Ivan Marić

Ivan Marić is the Director of the University of Zagreb University Computing Centre SRCE, where his career began in 1990. During his time in SRCE, he played an important role in the creation and construction of the Croatian academic and research network at the beginning of the 1990s and has since then participated in numerous national initiatives related to building Croatian e-infrastructure. Currently, he leads the national strategic project Croatian Scientific and Educational Cloud (HR-ZOO) (HR-ZOO | Srce), which aims to build a new generation of e-infrastructure for advanced science and modern education, and is the president of the Council of the Croatian Open Science Cloud initiative (HR-OOZ). On the international level, he is actively involved in building and governing major pan-European e-infrastructures like GEANT and EGI. Mr Marić holds several positions in international organizations as the national representative for Croatia – he is an official Croatian delegate in the EOSC Steering Board and the EOSC Association General Assembly. He has been the Croatian representative in the Future Internet Forum (FIF) since 2016, and an e-IRG delegate since 2006. He is also the Croatian representative in the Horizon Europe Research Infrastructure Programme Committee.

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