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Karl Heinz

Karl Heinz

After the studies of history, tibetology and the Czech and Hungarian language, acquisition of the academic degree “Magister” at the University of Vienna in December 1995. Subsequently attendance and completion of the training course at the Institute for Austrian Historical Research for archival science and historical auxiliary science and acquisition of the academic degree “Master of Advanced Studies” (MAS) in September 1995. In June 2004, completion of doctoral studies (History) in June 2004.

From 1995 onwards, freelance historian especially in the research fields of Lower Austrian local history, diplomatic and palaeographic research, Austro-Hungarian relationship and humanism in East-Central Europe. For two years from 2000, management of the “Netzwerk Geschichte” association with a focus on job placement within the history department. From 2003, coordinator of the Monasterium platform (Monasterium.net | ICARUS) and from 2008, co-founder of ICARUS – International Centre for Archival Research (ICARUS | International Centre for Archival Research) and General manager of ICARUS.

Various publications and lectures regarding digitization and online presentation of primary sources. Participation in organizing the online resources Monasterium, Matricula (Matricula | ICARUS) and Topotheque (Topothek Portal – Das lokale Online-Archiv), and collaboration in various European projects, such as ENArC, Co:op, Time Machine and European Digital Treasures.

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