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Koraljka Golub

Koraljka Golub

Koraljka Golub is the head of the iSchool at Linnaeus University, Information Institute (iInstitute) | lnu.se. She is also co-leading a Digital Humanities Initiative at Linnaeus University (Research in Digital Humanities | lnu.se). Her core research is in the field of digital libraries and information retrieval, with particular focus on topics related to knowledge organization, integrating existing knowledge organization systems with social tagging and/or automated subject indexing, and evaluating resulting end-user information retrieval.

Three of her major research projects from the past are:

She works as an associate professor at the Department of Library and Information Science, School of Cultural Sciences, Linnaeus University (Linnéuniversitetet | lnu.se). She also serves as an adjunct at the School of Information Studies, Charles Sturt University (School of Information and Communication Studies), Australia. For over five years in the recent past she worked as an information science researcher at UKOLN, University of Bath (UKOLN), United Kingdom.

Her educational background covers technology, social sciences and humanities. In 2007 she obtained her doctoral degree from the Department of Information Technology, Lund University (Lund University), Sweden, on the topic of automated subject classification. Her earlier degrees are from the Department of Information Sciences and the Department of English, University of Zagreb (UniZG), Croatia.

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