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Kristiyan Simeonov

Kristiyan Simeonov

Kristiyan Sergeev Simeonov is a First Stage Researcher and Assistant Professor at Sofia University, with a bachelor’s degree in Classics and a double master’s degree in Digital Humanities and Cybersecurity Management. His dynamic academic profile spans across diverse disciplines. Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classics, Kristiyan intertwines the study of the past with modern academic pursuits. Complementing this foundation, Kristiyan achieved a Master of Arts in Digital Humanities, harnessing cutting-edge methodologies to explore the intersection of technology and culture. He further advanced his expertise by earning a Master of Arts in Cybersecurity Management, demonstrating a commitment to a secure digital landscape. Notably, he is involved in the Telamon project—an endeavour focused on the digital edition of Greek inscriptions discovered in Bulgaria.

CV updated on 2023-10-16.

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