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Sandra Požar

Sandra Požar

Sandra Požar, PhD, is a Senior Research Associate at Old Church Slavonic Institute in Zagreb. She is a Slavic philologist specialising in Croatian (BA) and Croatian Church Slavonic (PhD). She earned a PhD in 2010 with the dissertation The Formation of Adjectives in the Croatian Church Slavonic Language. She has worked at the Old Church Slavonic Institute Zagreb since 2004. Currently, she is head of the project funded by the Croatian Science Foundation (since 2020) and a member of the Research Centre for Croatian Glagolitism (since 2014). Previously, she participated in the Grammar of the Croatian Church Slavonic Language project (2004-2013) and led the Institute’s popularization activities within the European Researchers’ Night initiative, funded by the European Commission (2018/2019). The subject of her research is the language of Croatian Glagolitic texts (i.e. Croatian Church Slavonic, morphology in particular), Glagolitic literacy, and Romanian-Slavic language contacts. Sandra Požar teaches at the University of Zagreb (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Romance Studies) as an External Associate. She has co-authored two international exhibitions on Croatian Glagolitic heritage (2013, 2018) and has published over sixty scholarly and professional papers.

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