2nd DARIAH-HR International Conference,
Rijeka, Croatia / 12-14 October 2022
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka
Letizia Martinelli

Letizia Martinelli

Letizia Martinelli is a research fellow at the Institute of Heritage Science of the National Research Council of Italy (ISPC-CNR) within the Built Heritage Innovation Lab. She is an expert in Heritage BIM (Building Information Modelling), thermal comfort and energy improvement of historical buildings and open spaces, urban design, project management, and decision support systems. She acts as the BIM Coordinator for the Lab and she is currently the WP2 Unit Coordinator for the project ENICBCMed BEEP on the joint use of BIM, simulation, and energy performance contracts to foster energy and environmental improvement of built heritage. She is also deeply involved in projects on the development of HBIM platforms for the management of historical public buildings, with the integration of IoT technology and dynamic diagnostics analysis (HBIM4MANN, PON IDEHA, HBIM4LazioHeritage) and climate change mitigation strategies through simulation-based design (PRIN2017 TECH-START).

She is a member of the Italian Society of Architectural Technology (SITdA), and a reviewer for Energy & Buildings, Building and Environment, Sustainable Cities and Society, and Applied Energy. In 2013 she earned a Ph.D. in Environmental Design at Sapienza University and she continued her work with a post Ph.D. at the Urban Microclimate group of Freiburg University, Germany. Since 2010 she has carried out intense research and professional activity in Italy and abroad, focused on sustainable design for historical buildings and urban settlements. The work and research on Heritage BIM allowed her to deepen her interests in cultural heritage and digital humanities.

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