2nd DARIAH-HR International Conference,
Rijeka, Croatia / 12-14 October 2022
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka
Marta Ivanović

Marta Ivanović

Marta Ivanović is an Associate Expert at the University of Zadar, Office for Publishing Activities, with professional experience in the library and information sciences field. Previously, she worked as a librarian at the National and University Library in Zagreb. She obtained BSc in Library and Information Sciences and an MSc in Information Sciences at the University of Zadar. She participated in the Erasmus+ program: first through the student exchange program at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Heritage Management, and then through a traineeship at the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library, Antwerp, Belgium. She was involved in the project “Digitization, Bibliographic Description and Research of Texts Written in Glagolitic, Croatian Cyrillic, and Latin Scripts Until the End of the 19th Century in the Zadar and Šibenik Area (Written Heritage)” where she worked on digitization, cataloguing, presentation and research of Croatian written heritage. Furthermore, she worked as Research Assistant at the University of Zadar. At the moment she is involved in all aspects of university book publishing (in print and online), mostly around Morepress, open access publishing platform by the University of Zadar based on OJS and OPM.

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