2nd DARIAH-HR International Conference,
Rijeka, Croatia / 12-14 October 2022
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka
Yasir Yılmaz

Yasir Yılmaz

Yasir Yılmaz is a research associate with expertise in the history of early modern and modern history of Habsburg-Ottoman diplomacy (1500–1918). Within the QhoD project, he is responsible for the edition of Ottoman and Habsburg sources concerning Ottoman legations to Vienna. In addition to the research project, Yılmaz is currently working on his habilitation thesis The Road to 1683: A New History of the Second Ottoman Siege of Vienna. Since 2015, he has been regularly teaching courses concerning the histories of the Ottoman, Habsburg, and Russian empires, the history of the Middle East, and the relations between the Islamic world and the West.

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